CITP Multi-Level Psychodrama Course Content

This material was updated in 2010 and is used by the Christchurch Institute for Training in Psychodrama for many years, some sections have been updated in 2011. Various topics have been integrating and have associated assignments, and it now covers Core, Intermediate and Advanced levels of training. Links are to Word documents, some are more complete than others. Please return here for the latest version.
-- Walter Logeman

Course Documents

Overview Word doc with table of items and levels. (5 pages)
Chart of Trainee Journey A pdf with a flow chart.
SCA-paper Description of the Social and Cultural Atom Paper. Thursday, April 15, 2010 (1 page)
Topics List of topics covered in the Multi-Level Curriculum (2 pages)

1. The Five Instruments


Each of these topics is in a Word document 1 or 2 pages long. They have areas of proficiency, assigments and reading for all levels.

2. Classical Psychodrama Clinical or Classical Psychodrama
3. Sociodrama  
4. Sociometry  
5. Role Training  
6. Role Dynamics  
7. Encounter  
8. Warm-up, Spontaneity & Creativity


9. Moreno & his Philosophy  
10. Psychodrama in the World  


Introduction to Psychodrama Volume 1 Fourth Edition Includes a description of the Five instruments.
Analysis of Canon of Creativity From Sociometry, Vol. 18, No. 4, Sociometry and the Science of Man. (Nov., 1955), pp. 103-104.
Doctrine of Spontaneity and Creativity From “Who Shall Survive” J.L. Moreno Page 39
Mirroring by Peter Felix
"Lets Face it:" Mirroring in Psychodrama. From Psychodrama in theory and practice. (large pdf)
Writing a Social & Cultural Atom Paper Max Clayton - ANZPA Journal 1995
A Guide to Auxiliary Development- Carl E Hollander, 1979 A classic paper that indicates the scope and depth of auxiliary work.
Cher interviews Effie An interesting insight into sociodrama and a sociodramatist.
Structure of the Thesis Structure of the Thesis - ANZPA Board of Examiners January 31 2008
Nine Roles Nine Roles for Conflict Resolution - Katarina Seligmann


Don Reekie's Writing See especially the 2009 and 2010 items on role.
Couple Therapy Training - A psychodramatic approach. Resources for Couple Therapy workshop by Walter Logeman.
Songs Songs

Assessment of a trainee's development through their training journey.

Assignments 2012

Library form 2009

Guide to the documents online.

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