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      Links 1998

      November 1998:

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      April 1998: 1997 and earlier
    • Psychological Lists
      Internet Mailing Lists are one of the most powerful aspects of the internet. Hwere iar a bunch of Psychological Lists related to the Psybernet Project.
    • Josh On
      My son, occasional contributor to various psybernet groups. His ezine called Copy. Home pages. Worth a look to see what is possible on the web. Will need to download some applets. aka Daniel Logeman. Josh

    • City of Bits
      The City of Bits _is_ a book , not just a 'cover of a book'. It is a book by an architect -- who else?-- about the nature of cyberspace.

      Here is an excerpt from sub headings in the second chapter. It reads like a list of Psyberspace Classics, all the themes that come up regularly in the experience of this realm.

      Spatial / Antispatial
      Corporeal / Incorporeal
      Focused / Fragmented
      Synchronous / Asynchronous
      Narrowband / Broadband
      Voyeurism / Engagement
      Contiguous / Connected

      A Psyberspace Classic -- at least it looks like it at first glance. It has the insight of First Steps in Cyberspace, is digital as well as analog, and it is illustrated with 100s of links! It has a discussion site attached.


    • 'The Couch'
      Larry Karper has a page called 'The Couch' he is interested in group work on the net in IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

    • Stuart Currie
      In memory of Stuart Currie
    • University of Idaho Cyberspace Page
      Has a definition, and links to other material, including all newsgroups relevant to cyberspace explorations. wl
    • Paula Davidson
      mesoelectronic hunter/gatherer
      Specializing in Exploration and Tool Use on the Matrix of the Net
    • Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
    • Charles Cameron


      Is a game designer. Games with a psychological depth, unequaled as far as I know:

      HipBone Games

      Charles and I are working together on a PsyberGroup called the Dream Event. (May 96). The invitation to this event is available -- will post it here soon, or contact me. Note that it is a list that closes on May 10 1996

    • Greek Mythology Gods Olympians
      Takes you to the section on Greek Mythology in the Interpedia, quite comprehensive.

    • Glass bead Game Game
      This is Stephen's record of a game played in the Psybernet Mailing list, it also leads onto Stephen's home pages -- very relevant to Psybernet.

    • The Heart of Jung another link to Stephen's pages. He gives us a brief guided journey through some of Jung's ideas . . . worth a look if you are in a contemplative mood.

    • Groupware FAQs
      Groupware is relevant to Psybernet in that it influences how group dynamics work in cyberspace.

    • Inner City Books now has its own Web site at:

      A useful web site for Jungian information as well as books . . .

      Complete Catalogue 1980 - 1996, with connecting links from author and title indexes, brief descriptions of each title, capsule comments from reviews, terms of sale (with discounts that more than cover the cost of postage) and complete details on how to order. (60K, text only) Other Web sites for information and resources related to Jungian psychology:

      Most are listed here as well -- but they may have more now.

    • C.G. Jung Home Page

      The most comprehensive listing or resources and links I have seen . . . Congratulations to Donald Williams

    • Lakoff
      Metaphor in Politics
      An open letter to the Internet from George Lakoff (1991) Professor of Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley (

      To Friends and Colleagues on the Net:

      January 15 is getting very close. As things now stand, President Bush seems to have convinced most of the country that war in the gulf is morally justified, and that it makes sense to think of ``winning'' such a war.

      I have just completed a study of the way the war has been justified. I have found that the justification is based very largely on a metaphorical system of thought in general use for understanding foreign policy. I have analyzed the system, checked it to see what the metaphors hide, and have checked to the best of my ability to see whether the metaphors fit the situation in the gulf, even if one accepts them. So far as I can see, the justification for war, point by point, is anything but clear.

      This is a classic of the Internet and relevant to Psybernet as it has the focus of metaphor. wl

    • Jaron Lanier
      Has an article on his pages about the nature of the medium. I found it interesting. wl

    • Psychomedia

      > Marco Longo M.D.
      > Specialist in Clinical Psychology
      > SPI Psychoanalyst and IIPG (Pollaiolo) Group Psychoanalyst
      > ABA (Anorexia-Bulimia-Eating disorders) Psychotherapist
      > Office: Via Dandolo 24 - 00153 - Roma, Italy
      > tel +39 6 5897607 - fax +39 6 5803881
      > E-mail

    • Psybernet, Psychology and Tele-computing.
      An essay I (Walter Logeman) wrote in January 1994 -- I am working on a new one -- that takes all this way beyond these initial ideas. Please respond in the Psybernet Mailing list. .

    • Howard Rheingold
      He is the author of Virtual Communities. He is a good writer and experienced with the human side of the medium. He is also the editor of the Millennium Whole Earth Catalogue. wl

    • The Round Table Review

      A great little publication -- worth subbing to -- I have just [ 27 February, 1996] sent up a review of Edinger' s new book on Aion which will be in the next issue.

    • Carl C. Jung Page
      A very sparse page bought to you courtesy of Psybernet -- a page that can grow.

    • Jacob Levy Moreno Page
      A Psybernet page -- a page that can grow.

    • Marshall McLuhan Page
      I think this man is a pioneer of cyberspace and his methodology is interesting. He does have some ideas that are beyond the pail! Warrants a Psybernet page, as do a lot of people who do not have one! wl

    • Dan Randow

    • Patricia Seybold etc... Business and the Internet: Adventures in Hype - R - Space
      by Jeffrey Dearth and Arnold Kling

      The hype

      The sound bites are apocalyptic:

      "If you're not an active Internet citizen by the mid-1990's, you're likely to be out of business by the year 2000."
      --Patricia Seybold, Computerworld, March 28, 1994

      Explores the reality of the value of Internet for business. A 1994 article is a little dated at this point, but it still has the factors a business could use to base its decisions on re Internet. wl

    • Taylor
      Taylor "It's a taylor twice told."

    • The Psybernet Occasional Email
      Snippets form Psybernet in your mail-box.

    • The Windows 95 Page
      Phil Jones
      E-mail - ""


      Haim Weinberg, clinical psychologist and group psychotherapist Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.
      Group-psychotherapy forum discussion leader.


      Here is what the owner says of this page:

      I have a site with a lot of information about italy, italian companies, hotels and cultural events including cyberculture.

      From: Romina

      It is a very comprehensive list of links.

      Visit Tradenet!

      Could be interesting with the Bion conference on in italy in 1997

    • The Psybernet BBS

      The Psybernet BBS is closed as from end of March 1996. Psybernet began its life on the BBS in April 1993. This is a (broken) link to the Psybernet history

    • The Psybernet E-zine

      Came out twice. Read the first or the second one. Now I have a Psybernet Letter also at Infrequent and irregular intervals.

    • Classical Themes of Psyberspace There are many themes that crop up again and again in many forums in cyberspace, that have a relationship to the psychology of the medium -- for example identity, gender, artificial consciousness, the power of the medium on our consciousness. the aim of this probe is to do the classical Aristotelian thing and name the themes. And more than that, to have links to the best archive on the topic we can find. The idea is to not have to reinvent the wheel all the time. Note that this is a new page , and there is not a lot there. Please help if you think the idea is worth pursuing. Now a dead link.

    • I have been listening to Riding Range with Marshall McLuhan by Terence McKenna Recorded at a seminar at the Esalen Institute. can be


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