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Dr. Jacob Levy Moreno is the originator of:

Moreno was a young man at the time Freud was already older, both are from Vienna. Moreno turned around most of Freud's ideas. Rather than a couch he had a stage. Where the "doctor" was passive in Freud, with Moreno he is active. Moreno moved to America in 1925 where he was influential in the social sciences and developed Psychodrama.

It is one of the phenomena associated with Dr. Moreno that he is somewhat invisible in the literature. This may be because of the style of his work and the fact that he self published. A more profound reason might be that he pioneered a new way of learning and knowing, he has an approach to method that transcends the science / art split in the people related disciplines.


Moreno and Psybernet

His work is relevant to the relationships on the Internet. We can learn from the tradition of psychodrama in the development of online psychological work. His notions of sociometry, the links between people are an obvious example. In a post to the mailing list Psyber-L I compared an Internet mailing list with a stage. It shows how Moreno can be an inspiration here, though the medium is very different.

The principal connection between Dr. Moreno's methods and Psybernet is that we aim to use experiential learning in all the Psybernet endeavours.


Dr. J.L.Moreno Bibliography

Very incomplete, it would be a worthwhile project to have the full bibliography in digital form.




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This page is an independent venture, as an addition to my Psybernet site. I would be pleased to cooperate with groups and individuals in the development of Dr. Moreno's work on the Internet. Information about the application of his work to the electronic media would be appreciated.

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