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Some of these links will not work ... this is old *news* after all. Once the link is know to be dead I have greyed them out. Let me know what you find or if there are new addresses for these items. -- wl

August 1998: April 1998:

Friday 31: Web of Dreams. a Washington Post article with links.
Sunday 26: Detours: To Surf, Perchance to Dream
What do you make of this?
Monday 20: Let My Software Go.
Salon article commenting on Raymond and Netscape.
Thursday 16: Andreessen, Kawasaki outline Web revolution
It may be about software and business but reading between the lines this is about life in general ... funny and perhaps has some wisdom! I enjoyed reading it anyway.
Monday 13: Microsoft Buys Firefly
One of the reasons this news gets such a mention here is that the collaborative filtering is very *psychological*, at tleast in principle. Also because a few of us here have *dreamt* about its use in groups and also more broadly see the story I wrote about our adventure and links to the dummy pages I drafted a few years ago.
Monday 13: Cyber School. Distance learning makes education easy
Monday 13: Books on Women and Technology
A new generation of female revolutionaries is changing the way computers are used. by Barbara Krasnoff
Sunday 12: Torvalds' Linux Broadened PC Choices
This article gives a little intro to the in depth material presented in the ''The Cathedral and the Bazaar" -- see the featured sites below! Understanding the implications of this software links into the discussion on Psyber-L ''Where does God want to go today?"
Saturday 11: Netscape posts Communicator license draft
Details of the move that is discused ''The Cathedral and the Bazaar" -- see the featured site below!
Friday 10:  Microsoft in talks to acquire Firefly
This has huge implications for the sociometry of the net. Is this really where the gods want to go today?
Thursday 9: Instant cultural literacy. By David Pescovitz Ideas Fortes.
Tuesday 7: Esther Dyson
Thursday, 2:  AOL, Reaching Out to Teach Someone
Thursday, 2 : Generative Art

March 1998:

Monday, 30:  Joseph Campbell Festival
Saturday, 28 :  PowWow Virtual Community Kit
Wednesday, 25: Technorealism: Beyond the Hype
Saturday, 21: Smash the Technorealist State
Saturday 21:  Four More Colleges Join California Virtual University; Eighty-One Colleges and Universities Now Participating
Friday 20: Communities crop up on the Net
Wednesday 17: Books on the Brain
Wednesday 17: Opera Grows in Cyberspace

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