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Psychological Internet Mailing Lists

Here you will find a list of lists that have a psychological focus. If you can't find what you want here you can also search the List of Lists. More about what a list is here: Lists


Group Psychotherapy
Welcome file with sub instructions.

Cybermind is more philosophical than psychological. Focusses on the Net. Very active and chatty at times.

A list related to the group work of Wilfred Bion. See the Welcome File.

PsyBUS (Psychotherapist Business and Marketing Email List)

NETDYNAM Welcome file. Looks at internet discussion from a Bion prespective. Aims most similar to Psyber-L.

Psyber-l: Psybrnet Mailing List ~ The list assocoated with the site you are now on.

Psyche-a, Psyche-b, Psyche-c, Psyche-d
Four related lists on the study of the brain and consciousness. Page with the sub info.

Welcome File.

Sponsored by Mental Health Net and CMHC Systems. Welcome File. Archives.

Psychodrama and Sociometry lists
Find details on the Psybernet Moreno page.

Welcome file From Jung-Psyc a Mailing list. The list is moderated and organised into small digests. Closed 1998? and was replaced by Jung-Psy moderated by Matthew Clapp.

Welcome to the e-newsletter, JungNet. Not an interactive list.
An active Jungian list. Both are distributed by Matthew Clapp, of the C.G. Jung Index.

Welcome file of the DreamGate / Electric Dreams dream-on mail list! This list is open to all parties and individuals interested in the current dream sharing experiment sponsered by IIDCC DreamGate and Electric Dreams.

Charles Cameron's List for Glass Bead Game related topics. Details can be found on The Hipbone site. Welcome file.

List Name: psychoanalysis
Subscription Address:
[email protected]
Owner: Dr. William J. Moore
Last Update: 05/11/97
Description: The psychoanalysis list is an email discussion group. The list is open to the general public. Issues in the field of psychoanalysis are presented and discussed. The list is sponsored by the New England Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies. Although the list is not moderated, faculty, students and staff of the list participate in discussions. The New England Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies provides clinical training programs in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy through distance learning.

List Name: [email protected]
Subscription Address:
[email protected]
Description: Psych-couns is a mailing list for students and researchers in counselling psychology, counselling and psychotherapy and others who wish to discuss theoretical and research issues in counselling psychology.

Employee Assistance Counseling
List Name: EA
Subscription Address:
[email protected]
Owner: Bob Fleming
Last Update: 12/13/95
Description: EA is a discussion list and powerful networking tool for anyone that has an interest in any aspect of employee assistance counseling or psychological interventions in the workplace. Professional associations, managed care companies, university faculty and students as well as corporations are subscribers. Practitioners, researchers and educators are all welcome to use this list for any purpose. For example: job postings, calls for papers, book reviews, topical discussions, announcements of conferences and exchanges of training ideas and materials.


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