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Carl G. Jung

Since I began this page in June 1995 much Jung related writing has become available on the Web. This site was one of the first, but it is brief. Jung is important in my explorations of the psyche online. Having a page like this with links is a way of connecting, form of conversation.

The term psychology as used by Jung is the sense in which I use it -- literally as a study of the psyche. The exploration of the psychology of cyberspace relates to the collective unconscious, symbols and metaphor and the value of the imagination, all areas where Jung is an inspiration. This Jung page especially references articles and sites that look at cyberspace in a Jungian way. Even in this area it will be hard to be anymore useful than C. G. Jung Pages, the most comprehensive site!

Walter Logeman

Cyberspace & Technology links

Cyberspace: Shadow of the Cultural Imagination? by Cliff Bostock

Cyberwork: The archetypal imagination in new realms of ensoulment Cliff Bostock

Deiknymena: Erotic revelations in cyberspace by Cliff Bostock

Techne & Psyche Dolores Brien: Weblog.

On Technology as Symptom and Dream Robert Romanyshyn

Archetypes of the Internet by Dolores Brien. Adapted from a review of Mark Stefik's book Internet Dreams: Archetypes, Myths and Metaphors

Computers, the Internet, and the Abdication of Consciousness Stephen L. Talbott Includes an interview of ST by Dolores Brien. And some sort essays: The Machine in the Ghost, Towards a Jungian Psychology of Technology.

Hermes and the Creation of Space by Murray Stein

General Links

AION Reading Group - Description As a result of discussion on alt.psychology.jung the AION Reading Group was set up. It concluded in May 1995. The archives of this email group are available (if I can dig them up).

Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung's Aion A review by Walter Logeman that is published in The Round Table Review, May/June 1996

When I first made this link over 42 megabytes (thousands of pages) of information on alchemy in all its facets, now, 2002, it has twice that!

Jungian Newsgroup: A newsgroup which started in about May 95. It has steady flow of thoughtful posts. Added 2002: Perhaps the flow is less thoughtful now? It is available on Google.

Conversation with Daryl Sharp sorted by thread
"A discussion of C.G. JUNG: HIS MYTH IN OUR TIME with Daryl Sharp, the General Editor of Inner City Books: Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts. Daryl is responsible for re-issuing Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz's book which was originally published in German in 1972 and in English in 1975."

C. G. Jung Pages
The most comprehensive site. Go there first!

The C.G. Jung Page: a list of online articles
Jungian psychology and psychoanalysis. Including clinical issues, symbolism, film, culture, techno-psychology, etc.

CG Jung Seminar Series
Procedings of all these excellent email groups.

Richard Correlli's Site
Richard's pages are a good reference for psychological material -- with a holistic and Jungian flavour.

Jung-L - Mailing List
Once there was Jung-Psyc, moderated and organised into small digests. Jung-Psyc closed and has was replaced by jungpsy set up by Matthew Clapp, I am not sure it still functions. Jung-L is an active list created in 1999 by Robert G. Longpré.

JungNet and jungindex
Now gone I think: JungNet e-newsletter, not an interactive list. Distributed by Matthew Clapp who once ran the C.G. Jung Index. A review by Matthew. (I leave these references here as they may assist in searching old archives).

Memories & Reflection of Marie-Louis von Franz

Created June 1995, Updated: Sunday, 26 January 2003