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Walter Logeman


The terms listed here includes information about how we work together and what is expected of each of us.
  1. I respond to all emails within 2 days (unless stated in the Contact page that I am on leave) My usual response is within 12 hours during week days, New Zealand time.
  2. Early in our correspondence we will establish an understanding about the frequency, duration and nature of the psychotherapy. I do not respond for longer than one hour in one exchange of email even if there is credit in the account. More about the psychology of online time here.
  3. The correspondence is confidential. I will use all reasonable means to keep the correspondence private and secure. You are free to show the material to people you choose, including other professionals. Publication of my words, in any form, including on the Internet will require my permission.
  4. Security limitations of email can be avoided using secure options - please indicate if you need this.
  5. I expect that you use your real name. If you wish to use an anonymous ID please let me know, as identity has psychological implications.
  6. The work is confined to the email medium. Threats to safety of the client or others will not be dealt with other than by the usual correspondence. If safety is an issue then qualified local help needs to be found and this is the responsibility of you as the client.
  7. All work initiated via email will remain as email correspondence only, no other media such as telephone, Internet Messaging or face-to-face work are included unless specifically arranged and contracted.
  8. I charge a fee for my work by the hour (in 5 minute intervals). This includes reading your material, and writing my response. I have an introductory rate for the first hour, and a standard rate for subsequent hours. Emails that take under 5 minutes are not charged for while you have a credit with me. Please ensure you have credit for at least one hour with me when you send an email.
  9. The first hour of my work with you at the 'introductory rate' may be all that you require. If appropriate I will suggest how you can continue - there is no obligation to do so.
  10. I add an ADMIN note to the emails to keep you up-to-date with your account with me. I do not make billable responses if your account is not in credit. You can not accrue a debt with me.
  11. You can terminate your connection with me at any time and I will refund any credit you have.
  12. No specific outcome is implied or promised. The writing is not seen as a substitute for face-to-face counselling or psychotherapy but a complement to it, or as a separate experience altogether. Please contact a medical practitioner if you have concerns about your health.
  13. I have professional supervision for this work.
  14. I am a member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists and adhere to the Association's Code of Ethics.
  15. Requesting psychotherapy online with me indicates that you have read and agree to these details about this work.

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Last updated: Monday, 6 October 2014