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Walter Logeman

Online Time - My One Hour Maximum

The reasons I work with the frame of one-hour for an email:

  1. That is enough for one exchange, enough to digest and sleep on.
  2. For me it is also enough writing without feed back, I like to hear that I have been in tune.
  3. It protects you, the client. There is no fear that all the credit will be used without you having a say in the matter.

Writing Long Emails

If you are on a roll, and writing fast - keep going! It is good to write.

When working with your email I usually begin at the top and I work carefully, reading every word, tuning into unconscious meanings.

If there is unfinished material I will usually read it quickly and make a comment.

What now?

If you have an email I have only partially worked with, what now? You can re send the material, often it is useful to re-read it and edit. Sometimes it does not need to be sent at all, you have moved on.


Do any of these tips help with long emails you have written?

Read & edit your own emails.

Sleep on an email before sending to see what the writing has done even without my comment.

Take the main part theme & send that and keep the rest for later.

Online Time

Last updated: 11 March 2006