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Walter Logeman


I keep the psychotherapy material private and secure. This is good practice in any professional setting but has particualr importance in psychotherapy.

My professional associations have a supervision expectation as part of their code of practice. The focus of supervision is on me and my ability to do this work. I do not disclose details about my cleints.

Here are two passages from the Terms section which relate to confidentiality:

The correspondence is confidential. I will use all reasonable means to keep the correspondence private and secure. You are free to show the material to people you choose, including other professionals. Publication of my words, in any form, including on the Internet will require my permission

The work is confined to the email medium. No action outside of the correspondence with you as the client will be taken. Threats to safety of the client or others will not be dealt with other than by the usual correspondence. If safety is an issue then qualified local help needs to be found and this is the responsibility of you as the client


Last updated: Thursday, 19 July, 2012