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Walter Logeman

Ending Psychotherapy Online

Getting started is one thing, it may seem hard to do. Once you really get going it may seem hard to know when to stop. How would you ever know?

it could be the turning point in your therapy

Maybe you think it is over because you will never get all this stuff sorted. Or maybe because you feel so much better.

There is no right answer. Knowing when to stop, or when to keep going is your decision. If your confused about it then that is worth discussion, that becomes the work of the therapy. Some of the best work in therapy is making that ending, making a good ending! Maybe you have never had good endings?

One thing is for sure. It is no good letting a therapy relationship drift. Making a conscious ending is important. I work at that with you. Because we don't have 'appointments', I sometimes check in. This an intuitive thing on my part. I don't want to be intrusive, but if I find myself wondering how you are doing I will be so bold as to check in until there is a clear ending.

What if I'm no longer in pain? That is a good thing. Ask yourself is there more I need to do?

Dependency. People may say you are too dependant on therapy. Or you may fear that. If the therapy is keeping you away from living life to the full, then yes it may be time to quit. On the other hand we need people, if you don't have solid connections with others and a good relationship with yourself then the purpose of therapy will be to build those. If you are on the way to that, but not quite there, it may be time for a firm commitment to focus on what you need.
My aim to be with you as long as that is constructive and not one session longer.

Even after a very short period of psychotherapy it is worth making it clear and conscious that it is over.

Re-engaging. It is never a totally closed door. To make a good ending you need to know you can come back if need be. So we say good bye, clarify it is over and then you call again... Maybe there was more, it can happen.

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Last updated: Sunday, 12 October 2014