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Walter Logeman

Plain Text Email

Here are some ideas but not prescriptions, everyone has their own style & that is fine!

I can work with text in any form you send it, and if you have a preferred way to work, let me know. I prefer Plain Text email mainly because I can leave all your words in place, and they automatically get a ">" sign, and then I reply, like this:


The first line is from a person doing therapy, my reply follows.

> words are only words and not the real thing

Yes! You can eat a meal but not the menu!


It is easy to have a conversation. We can delete anything with too many >> marks.

I'll reply in plain text unless you let me know you prefer another way.


How to set-up plain text

Outlook This describes one way, that won't interfere with your usual way.

Gmail You can toggle Plain Text / Rich formatting at the top left of every email reply.


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Last updated: Thursday, 19 July, 2012