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Walter Logeman

Dreamwork Online

Dreams are like good works of art, you can appreciate them but never exaust their depth. There is satisfaction in a good interpretation but there is never a final interpretation. Learn to understand the language of your dreams, not all dreams speak in the same way.

My approach to dreams has evolved over my 20 years of practice as a psychotherapist. I respect them. The dreams are as Freud said the royal road to the soul. For Jung, the dream image always had the final word. The dream's truth can be confirming of your life's direction.

Re-enter your dream and learn, be inspired, refreshed or transformed

Or it can be hard to face, expressing a desire that spells trouble for the waking mind! Some dreams don't care for your day-to-day struggles at all. If we judge the effectivness of dreamwork by material "success" we miss the point.

Success in life is subtle. You can re-enter your dream and learn, be inspired, be refreshed or transformed. Approaching dreams is like approaching nature. Nature offers different things depending on how you approach her. When it comes to dreams, are you an adventurer or prospector, an artist or a collector? What counts as success for you?

Use the dream to look at a specific difficulty you have right now. We look at the dream and we look at your story and your life now. A dream can have many layers of meaning. Dreams are like a flash light that we can shine on different things.

Step one in dream work is to write the dream down in as much detail as you can. Email is useful as you can jot down key words while you recall them and then fill in details later. The dream when written down may be a long rambling tale or it may be just one or two words! I recall a dream that was nothing more than a vague descriptions of physical sensations - it was the doorway to a virtual re-birth.

There is no way of knowing step two, it is always different. It may be that we explore one dream briefly or that the dream leads to a personal psychotherapy. We can do this effectively using email. You can get a sense of how it works by sending me one of your dreams and something about your life.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Getting Started.

Last updated: Friday, 4 January, 2008