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Doing pleasant chores on a cold Sunday - 11 Sept 2000

Josh and Bex September 2000

Ashgrove Terrace Rennovations Sept. 2000

Totara Ridge Plants Mt. Lyford November 2000

Walter's Waiau Pass Trip March 2001

Mueller Trip April 2001

Gracefield move November 2001

USA 2002 - Trip to Amy & Josh's Wedding (Index)

Cats Jan 2003

Cannibal-Freyberg-Spencer Nov 01 & Jan 03

Little Lottery Tramp 24-25 January 2003

Hurrunui Easter 2003

Cats June 2003

Designer Car

Cars at the exhibition

Chester Street Spring 2000


Skiing Mt lyford Saturday, September 16, 2000

This is a list of all the family photo pages I have sorted so far - more to come. If there are other links to family photos, please let me know.

I am in the process of putting the photos themselves onto theyrule. Some may not yet work - but will soon! Also putting the whole lot in in a more chronological order etc.


Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 May 2003