Cannibal-Freyberg-Spencer Nov 01 & Jan 03

Photos from two tramps I did up the Cannibal Gorge Nov 2002 and then again in Jan 2003.

The first trip was wet - cold.

I spent most of the time in the Cannibal Hut. Planned the idea of going up to the Freyberg Range above the hut next time.

In the New Year I returned with a new tent and good weather. Climbed up the ridge a bit north of where I should have been. The photo is of the better route, or perhaps the stream is best?

Wonderful camp by the little tarn in good weather.

The next day went up further on the range, but the route looked too hard for my level of fitness. Went back down, following the stream below the tarn. It was OK.

Then had lunch down by the Maruia River and looked up the valley to the place where the tarns are in the Gloriana basin which I reached after a walk up past Ada Hut and a 1 and quarter hr bush crash. Too tired to go up to the tarns... pity.

But got to the tarns the next morning. Very nice. Then back to the car that day.


Last updated: Monday, 20 January 2003