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I Like This!

Information, Support and Registration.

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What is I Like This!

With this software you are part of an ever growing network of people on the Internet who are cooperating to send each other information most suited to our needs and desires.

This is not a program that sorts information, rather it automates social links, it does it so well that we could never hope to do this manually.

I Like This! is developed by Psybernet who aim to develop the most effective way of bringing what you want to your screen. We aim to do this by enhancing and automating people's choices. We aim to do this without resorting to advertising or forcing you to look at anything other than what you Like! to see.


Taste Buddies

We have called all the people the software links you to your taste buddies. I Like This! builds up a list of people on your machine who you send your favourite URLs to. You go onto their list and Iand they send you more of their favourite URLs.

As the feed back loops develop I Like This! software constantly updates the matching of buddies, adding and deleting information on and off many machines acording to the preferences you display by simply rating URLs and occasionally refining your personal Profile.

Proposed New Features


If you have a feature you would like to see developed in send it to:


There are three levels of support.


Even if you don't register you can always use the program you now have, not only that, but you can upgrade it from time to time. Registered users of I Like This! have many benefits. Some upgrades will only be available for the Commercial Version. The I Like This! Commercial Version 1.0 will cost $US 40. We are a long way from developing all the features we wish to see in that version, if you register now as a beta user, you will have full registration of version 1.0 when it is released. The fee for beta registration is $US20. You will have all the benefits of regular mini upgrades to the program as they are relased, and as a beta user will be able to make suggestions to shape the program in the way you like. Register now!.

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