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Walter Logeman


Developing trust is an important part of psychotherapy both online and face-to-face. I have collected testimonials from people who have worked with me online, names and identifying information is withheld as total confidentiality is needed for this work.

I have also added references from colleagues who know me well and who have worked with me professionally.

Comments from people who have used my service:

"I have gone very deeply in the work - thanks for making it possible."
50 year old manager with feelings of despair and loss of motivation - Germany

"I am thriving with new insight into my relationship. I loved working with you."
45 year old New Zealander, found it easier to discuss problems online.

"It has been good to do this online as I could not air this in my isolated community."
40 year old pastor in rural area in USA.

"The exploration of dreams has been magical."
Retired Canadian school teacher.

"My mind is clearer. I thank you for being there and offering your responses."
28 year old coming to terms with a fatal road accident.


I have known Walter as a colleague for ten years, and consider him to be among the finest psychotherapists and counsellors I know. He has particular skills, interests, and a most intuitive feel in the online environment. His genuiness and integrity are beyond doubt, and he sets himself the highest professional standards. He has a solid reputation in the therapy field in Christchurch and New Zealand. Barry Kennedy

Last updated: Thursday, 19 July, 2012