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This page of resources and handouts is for people attend a Training or professional development workshop with Walter Logeman. The workshop uses a psychodramatic approach to training. The workshop draws on Imago therapy developed by Harville Hendrix, Non Violent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg and the Collaborative Counseling approach of Dan Wile. The documents are updated from time to time.

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Not all of these documents are distributed in every workshop.

The Structure of a Couple Therapy Session   The structure of a typical couple therapy session using the psychodramatic approach.
Dialogue Description of the Dialogue process and the Sharing Phase.
Warm up What is warm up? Principles of Warm up in Couple therapy.

Notes (Word)

Mirroring Notes (Word)
Therapeutic Relationship Notes (Word)
Roles A chart showing three role gestalts, with further division into the types of roles. Originally from Karen Horney, developed by psychodramatists in Australia and New Zealand. This chart was prepared by Diana Jones.-- Assists in formulating a role analysis.
Nine Roles Nine Roles for Conflict Resolution - Katarina Seligman (2 pages, Word) -- Assists in formulating the progressive roles.
Needs A list of needs we all have and associated feelings. Marshall Rosenberg -- Assists in formulating the role analysis, especially the fragmenting roles.
Evaluative Words Evaluative words confused with feelings - Marshall Rosenberg. Useful when coaching people not to blame.
Talking from the Heart (Word - one page) How to say what you want to say without blame. A frame work for identifying how an experience in a relationship can lead to identifying a childhood wound.

Other Resources

Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy An Introduction to Imago by Harville Hendrix (12 pages pdf)
The Imago Affair - Jacob Moreno's Interpersonal Therapy and Harville Hendrix's Relationship Therapy An article by Walter Logeman - AANZPA Journal -- Written 2009, beginning to articulate the psychodramatic approach to couple therapy based on Moreno's work.

Audio and Video

Imago think Tank Imago International Members Only. Imago Think Tank - audio recordings made from telephone teaching sessions. There is an excellent back log here.

Hedy Schleifer

Hedy speaks about crossing the bridge. Becomes clear how validation is a form that combines role reversal with mirroring.
Click to play & downloadHarville Hendrix Relational consciousness, is a new consciousness emerging in this era. It is qualitatively different to the individual consciousness of self. Hear Harville Hendrix speak about this in an hour long talk in preparation for the 2011 Imago Conference.


CITP Christchurch Institute for Training in Psychodrama
Yvonne Pauling Christchurch Imago Couple workshops
Imago New Zealand Couple and Training Workshops
Claire Guy Psychotherapist and Psychodrama Trainer in Nelson
Sylvia Israel Psychodramatist in San Francisco
Dan Wile Collaborative Couple Therapy. Blog and newsletter have excellent resources.


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