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Walter Logeman

Qualifications and Experience

Walter Logeman

My formal qualifications for this work are a post-graduate degree in Social Work, qualification as a Psychodrama Director and being an active member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. Full details are in my Curriculum Vitae

I have completed extensive personal therapy. Personal work is inherent in Psychodrama training. I have done personal therapy with a Jungian therapist for several years.

Psychodrama is the main theory and practice that informs my work

My professional experience began as a teacher in the 60's. Then Social Work in a hospital setting in the early 80's led to a variety of training in counselling and psychotherapy. I became interested in the work of Dr. JL Moreno the founder of Psychodrama. Psychodrama is the main theory and practice that informs my work. In 1988 I began a private psychotherapy practice which is my work to this day.

Since the early days of the Internet I have had an interest and involvement in the online world. I began a Psybernet in 1992 a 'bulletin board' with a psychological bent. The Motif for that early experiment has come to mean a lot for the online work I do now. I have conducted a variety of groups on the Internet including DreamEvents and Jungian reading groups. I am active in a well established virtual community.

Life experience is important for psychotherapy. I was born in Amsterdam, grew up in Sydney and moved to New Zealand in my early 20's. I have a son from my first marriage which ended after 10 years. I am now married to Kate who has a daughter. This year 2013 we are planning to work together running some Couple Weekends .


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