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Walter Logeman

I don't like myself!

It is so common. How can that be?

You sort of know you are OK, but you somehow keep feeling and acting as if you are not.

There is a good reason! How that feeling got there is still unconscious. You are not silly, it is a feeling you don't need now.

The reason you feel not OK is learned as a child. As a form of protection. It is a way of coping with a difficult situation. You need to learn from adults. You need to learn everything from the cuture around you. And a lot of it is good stuff, and some of it is just nonsense.

The thing is, all of this is unconscious. It is not understood until, as an adult you build a relationship with someone to discuss all this, to tell your story, and that needs trust.

Love that inner self. From there on it is easy.

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Last updated: Monday, 28 January, 2008