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Walter Logeman

My approaches to Psychotherapy

I have developed an approach that is a form of traditional psychotherapy in that it works with the one-to-one relationship and transference. My experience of a Jungian personal therapy and being a member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists reinforces my sense of the power of the psychotherapeutic hour in the one-to-one setting. Psychodrama training and study of the works of J.L. Moreno underly the work I do. Psychodrama is well known as a group method, however it is less wll known that there is a profound theory of human nature, the psyche, child development and human development underlying the 'action methods'.

our work is as if on a stage of the 'theatre of truth'

My experience on the psychodrama stage allowes me to see my work with people, face to face or the one-to-one correspondence online as a 'theatre of truth'.

I usually manage to work in a style that will suit you.

Some familiar directions:

Art Therapy

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