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Walter Logeman


Addiction is a way of surviving pain and deprivation. It dulls the pain, but avoids the real problem. Often it makes the original problem worse, thus leading to more pain to dull and a vicious cycle develops.

Anything can be addictive -- food, sex, drugs, the Internet. Some things are more harmful than others. Addictions mess up your life. A behaviour is likely to be an addiction if you repeat it even though it makes your life unhealthy and eventually un-manageable.

Can Psychotherapy help?
Yes, it can be a big part of recovery or a small part. Psychotherapy aims to go to the roots of the problem, to heal old wounds. Psychotherapy will lead to greater awareness of inner conflict and unconscious beliefs. Respite, rest, escape and play are fine, but do they cross over into destruction of yourself and your relationships? If so what are you avoiding? Often the thing you want most, love and intimacy. Twelve Step programs or other life changing support groups can play an important part in recovering from addiction. Psychotherapy Online compliments such work.

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Last updated: Thursday, 19 July, 2012