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Exploring the Psyche in Cyberspace

You will find articles, links, archives, discussions and projects that aim to enhance interconnection and psychological depth online. The origins of this site go back to 1993.

Walter Logeman

Psychotherapy Online with Walter Logeman
Psychotherapy online is effective. Check out my invitation and consider if this would suit you. Writing, especially online lends itself to personal explorations in times of crisis or for personal growth. The benefit of writing is many times enhanced when in the context of a personal, professional therapeutic connection. You do most of the work and so you benefit.

Walter's Notes & Links - Weblog
Annotated links about my interests, in exploring the psyche and cyberspace; Psyberspace. Updated regularly.

I have been writing about the psyche on line for many years - mostly emails and web pages and fragments. Here is the index! You will find items on ideas and people that I find inspiring in my psychotherapy online and my practice in Christchurch New Zealand.

Psyber-L: Mailing List
An online group for experiential learning about online depth interaction for people doing psychological work on the Internet. The group has been active (and inactive!) since 1993 and now has a life based on our history and sense of affiliation as well as the shared purposes.

Psybernet Books
Books that relate in any way to online interaction, the psyche or cyberspace reviews welcome.  These books are for sale via

Past Projects
Since the time of the original Psybernet BBS, with the members of various mailing lists I have been involved in some interesting online discussions and adventures. You can explore past efforts here.

Walter Logeman Home Page


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