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Walter Logeman


Two payment options follow, Pay Pal or Internet Banking if you are in New Zealand.

Please see the section on Fees if you have not already done so.


I have found this the most useful way to handle the money side, it is fast and reliable and handles currency conversions easily. You can use your credit card with Pay Pal. US customers can also access their bank funds using PayPal. If you are new to PayPal:  It is easy to join. PayPal offers free membership to most US customers, a one-time $1.95 membership fee will be assessed to non-US customers by PayPal. Please read the PayPal user agreement for details.

Use the PayPal button to get started at the introductory rate.

Returning to pay for Psychotherapy Online? Use this button.

New Zealand Internet Banking

If you have a New Zealand bank account, in addition to the options above you can make an Internet Bank payment to my account, the New Zealand rates are $40 for the introductory session and $130 for continuing work:

Canterbury Centre
Cnr Cashel/High Sts
New Zealand 030802 0144073 00


Last updated: Thursday, 12 December, 2013